Preventing Cat Litter Smell in Small Spaces

at litter can make it hard for you to live with the cat. But, there are several tips you can apply to get rid of the bad odor. The odor can be embarrassing to your home especially if you will receive important guests and they end up noticing the bad smell. Your family members will not be comfortable with the smell. This has made it hard for some people to keep cats as their pets. There are some homes you can visit but you will never realize the smell.

Tricks for preventing cat litter smell in a small space

1. Scoop the box daily

The more the urine and feces from your cat will sit on the litter box, the more they will create bad odor in your home. In order to avoid the smell from spreading in your home, you should make an effort of scooping the litter box on a daily basis. You can make a habit of scooping the litter box each day when cleaning the house. If you are too busy in your daily routine, you can delegate the duty to whoever you have hired to do the cleaning work in your home.

2. Replace the litter twice a week

Even if you will scoop the litter regularly, the litter will still develop some smell. In order to remove all stinky traces which will make the litter develop bad odor, you should damp out the litter on a regular basis. Preferably you should wash the litter box using warm water and soap then replace the litter. When washing you should avoid ammonia based detergents because they can enhance the bad smell.

3. Try litter deodorizers

Liter deodorizer will help in reducing the smell from the litter box. You can use baking soda or any other deodorizers. You should be careful when using the deodorizers; most cats will avoid heavily scented litter boxes. You can just apply the deodorizers sparingly on the litter. The type of deodorizer which you will buy should be friendly to the cat as well as making you comfortable while in the home. In order to know the best type of deodorizer which your cat will prefer, you can have several litter boxes in your home and apply different deodorizers. The one your cat will go for should be the one which you will stick to the deodorizer. This is necessary because there are some types of deodorizers which the cat can avoid.

4. Keep the litter box in a well-ventilated area

Keeping the litter box in a well-ventilated room will avoid cases where bad odor will concentrate in the room. You can place it near widows so that fresh air will come in and help in removing the bad odor. The choice of the place where you will have the litter box should allow room for the cat to easily get in and out. This is necessary because placing it in a place where the cat will struggle to get in will make the cat dislike the litter which will make it hard to live happily with your cat.


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