Keeping Lizards as Pets

Having a pet is a unique experience for every individual, couple or a family. By having an animal that needs love and care, the life dynamic often changes and does so for the better. With a pet, people can experience the notion of having a living being by their side and sharing their living space with it. Usually, people choose one of the standard animal species to be their companions. These mostly include dogs, cats, and a few more species. But, at the same time, many fail to realize that there are many more interesting options.

Among these, one of the most unusual is the option of keeping lizards as pets. When people hear this idea, most are immediately puzzled and confused by it. This is completely natural because for most people reptiles and lizards in particular are not something they associate with the concept of a pet animal. However, in spite of this, lizards can be fantastic animal companions and home pets. The truth is that they come with a special set of needs, but all of these can be easily provided by their owners. Here are the key facts about keeping different types of lizards as pets and what does the same process entail.

The Lizard Biology

Lizards like all other reptiles are cold-blooded creatures. This means that they cannot fully regulate their body’s temperature but instead, need to use the outside environment. Lizards mostly live in warm regions, but some demand humid conditions, while the desert species look for dry ones. But in general, their biology is the reason why lizards sleep during the night and are active when the sun is shining brightly. All of this has to be taken into consideration when someone is considering them as a pet.

Lizard Artificial Habitats

When they are kept as pets, their habitats have to have enough light and heat to keep them healthy. Additionally, these spaces also need to be regulated when it comes to humidity if a certain species demands the same. A device that provides this regulation is called Hygrometer and it will be needed for some more exotic lizard species. Equally important is the fact that their habitat does not need to be simply warm all the time, but change its temperature in the same way the natural environment does.

Food for Lizards

Lizards almost exclusively eat insects which need to be given to them on a daily basis. Here, pet owners have two options. The first alternative includes buying insects from a pet store and giving it to their lizard, while the other option includes raising species like crickets and mealworms that will then be fed to the pet lizard. In any case, lizards should never be given insects from the outside environment because some might be naturally toxic and others might have been exposed to some form of pesticide.

General Care

When it comes to general care for lizards, this process does not consume too much time for their owners and is pretty basic. Here, the most important thing for any lizard is their health. Often, lizards might be prone to a range of disease and parasites, which can degrade their well-being and even threaten their lives. To avoid this, lizards should be taken to a veterinarian even at the slightest sign of any medical issue.

With these facts about keeping lizards as pets, anyone will be able to decide if this fascinating species is the right choice for them.





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