Giving Your Dog a Bath

Giving your Dog a Bath


Giving your dog a bath is indeed a vital step to the welfare of your pet. But deciding when and how you bath your animal is usually difficult. The reason is because bathing your canine frequently depends on several factors. These may include the breed of your canine, amount of time the animal spends outdoors, age of the pet, as well as any existing medical conditions. But the fact is that when and how you bathe your animal will vary with time and lifestyle of your dog. Outlined in this article are sure signs that your dog needs a bath.

  1. The Dog is Smelling

Your dog might have rolled on something and smells. This is one of the reasons you might consider bathing your animal. Consider using a good and strong shampoo that will completely expel the smell. If you do not have the right shampoo or lack time to bath your pet, consider taking her to a professional dog grooming center.

  1. A Doggy Smell

This is usually caused by certain skin infections, such as yeast infection. Any dog that has a strong odor coming from the skin should be checked by a professional vet. For those with simple doggy smell, consider using a general shampoo in order to give them a thorough bathe.

  1. The Animal Has Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by dry, oily or irritated skin. But these conditions can be taken care of by using the recommended shampoo and thorough bathing. You may check with a good groomer or vet to determine the cause of the dandruffs in order to know the right shampoo to use.

  1. The Animal Has Allergies

Bathing a dog that has itchy skin caused by allergies can be soothing and helps reduce the itching. It is advisable to seek advice from a professional grooming service or veterinary officer to know the most appropriate shampoo to use.

  1. the Dog Has Mites, Fleas or Lice

Bathing is the best way to get rid of external parasites from your canine. You are advised to use pH-balanced shampoos in order to eliminate the problem of fleas and ticks on your animal. You should work with your vet or groomer in order to get the right diagnosis and treatment.


Once you determine the primary reason for giving your dog a bath, consider choosing the appropriate shampoo. Make sure you work hand in hand with your vet. Also, a professional dog groomer need to be involved.



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