Care and Keeping of Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs, the small insectivorous mammals with soft and furry bellies are pets to many and they must be well taken care of to ensure their well-being. Hedgehogs are quite intelligent and often aloof in the wild although they adjust positively to human interaction once tamed. They also have rough features on their back which roll up for protection in case of an emerging danger, when annoyed or frightened. At this stage, they can prickle. Certain toys like the toilet paper tubes, running wheels (flat and solid surfaced) and the kitty toys can be a form of entertainment to the hedgehogs. It is comfortable having a hedgehog as your favorite pet since they do not chew on your stuff (non-rodent) and hardly have any odor with a lifespan of about four to six years hence do not age fast.To ensure proper care and keeping of a hedgehog, here are some of the necessities for your pet hedgehog.• Always provide high quality and well-balanced diet food to your hedgehog pet.• Although some of the hedgehogs train to litter, it is necessary to clean their domicile daily with frequent scrubbing.• Do regular trimming of the toenails to ensure a high level of hygiene.• Provide high temperatures that favor the comfy state of your hedgehog usually 73-76 degrees Celsius. Always keep the environmental temperature within the range.• In a case of prolonged solitary of your hedgehog, be patient enough and give it time to re-socialize.• Just like you would like to be entertained, your pet needs some sense of entertainment; a running exercise wheel and a dark hiding place will do.• Hedgehogs are quite nocturnal and may decide to stay eyes wide open throughout the night, make unnecessary sounds while winding up the favorite dry cat food and these should not annoy you, learn to live with the habits. Some will go to an extent of spreading spit on their entire face.• Learn to handle your hedgehog pet compassionately since failure to do this will make your pet lose interest in you and soon will be growing wild.• Hedgehog may decide to bite when pissed off, though very rare always learn to read their moods and the basic skills to approach when affronted.• Just like any pet, Hedgehog may turn out to be friendlier to other people than you and this should not annoy you or strike a jealous thought as this is just normal since some are quite adaptable to change while others are rigid.• Conduct routine veterinary care for your pet hedgehog to ensure efficient pest control and disease prevention. Since most veterinarians are not used to hedgehogs, it is wise to look for experts in the field.• Most hedgehogs do not enjoy the company of the other hedgehogs while some will not seek companionship and may decide to stay aloof. The Proper approach is recommended to avoid offending them which might lead to a hostile situation.• Never feed your pet hedgehog with milk since this might cause diarrhea but instead provide plenty of plain and fresh water. Earthworms, mealworms, soft fresh fruits like berries and melons and fresh vegetables like lettuce will do.• Avoid grapes, onions and potatoes because these might turn to be toxins to the body. Avoid peppers and dried fruits as these might cause dental complications.





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