Hedgehogs, the small insectivorous mammals with soft and furry bellies are pets to many and they must be well taken care of to ensure their well-being. Hedgehogs are quite intelligent and often aloof in the wild although they adjust positively to human interaction once tamed. They also have rough features on their back which roll up for protection in case of an emerging danger, when annoyed or frightened. At this stage, they can prickle. Certain toys like the toilet paper tubes, running wheels (flat and solid surfaced) and the kitty toys can be a form of entertainment to the hedgehogs. It is comfortable having a hedgehog as your favorite pet since they do not chew on your stuff (non-rodent) and hardly have any odor with a lifespan of about four to six years hence do not age fast.To ensure proper care and keeping of a hedgehog, here are some of the necessities for your pet hedgehog.• Always provide high quality and well-balanced diet food to your hedgehog pet.• Although some of the hedgehogs train to litter, it is necessary to clean their domicile daily with frequent scrubbing.• Do regular trimming of the toenails to ensure a high level of hygiene.• Provide high temperatures that favor the comfy state of your hedgehog usually 73-76 degrees Celsius. Always keep the environmental temperature within the range.• In a case of prolonged solitary of your hedgehog, be patient enough and give it time to re-socialize.• Just like you would like to be entertained, your pet needs some sense of entertainment; a running exercise wheel and a dark hiding place will do.• Hedgehogs are quite nocturnal and may decide to stay eyes wide open throughout the night, make unnecessary sounds while winding up the favorite dry cat food and these should not annoy you, learn to live with the habits. Some will go to an extent of spreading spit on their entire face.• Learn to handle your hedgehog pet compassionately since failure to do this will make your pet lose interest in you and soon will be growing wild.• Hedgehog may decide to bite when pissed off, though very rare always learn to read their moods and the basic skills to approach when affronted.• Just like any pet, Hedgehog may turn out to be friendlier to other people than you and this should not annoy you or strike a jealous thought as this is just normal since some are quite adaptable to change while others are rigid.• Conduct routine veterinary care for your pet hedgehog to ensure efficient pest control and disease prevention. Since most veterinarians are not used to hedgehogs, it is wise to look for experts in the field.• Most hedgehogs do not enjoy the company of the other hedgehogs while some will not seek companionship and may decide to stay aloof. The Proper approach is recommended to avoid offending them which might lead to a hostile situation.• Never feed your pet hedgehog with milk since this might cause diarrhea but instead provide plenty of plain and fresh water. Earthworms, mealworms, soft fresh fruits like berries and melons and fresh vegetables like lettuce will do.• Avoid grapes, onions and potatoes because these might turn to be toxins to the body. Avoid peppers and dried fruits as these might cause dental complications.





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Having a pet is a unique experience for every individual, couple or a family. By having an animal that needs love and care, the life dynamic often changes and does so for the better. With a pet, people can experience the notion of having a living being by their side and sharing their living space with it. Usually, people choose one of the standard animal species to be their companions. These mostly include dogs, cats, and a few more species. But, at the same time, many fail to realize that there are many more interesting options.

Among these, one of the most unusual is the option of keeping lizards as pets. When people hear this idea, most are immediately puzzled and confused by it. This is completely natural because for most people reptiles and lizards in particular are not something they associate with the concept of a pet animal. However, in spite of this, lizards can be fantastic animal companions and home pets. The truth is that they come with a special set of needs, but all of these can be easily provided by their owners. Here are the key facts about keeping different types of lizards as pets and what does the same process entail.

The Lizard Biology

Lizards like all other reptiles are cold-blooded creatures. This means that they cannot fully regulate their body’s temperature but instead, need to use the outside environment. Lizards mostly live in warm regions, but some demand humid conditions, while the desert species look for dry ones. But in general, their biology is the reason why lizards sleep during the night and are active when the sun is shining brightly. All of this has to be taken into consideration when someone is considering them as a pet.

Lizard Artificial Habitats

When they are kept as pets, their habitats have to have enough light and heat to keep them healthy. Additionally, these spaces also need to be regulated when it comes to humidity if a certain species demands the same. A device that provides this regulation is called Hygrometer and it will be needed for some more exotic lizard species. Equally important is the fact that their habitat does not need to be simply warm all the time, but change its temperature in the same way the natural environment does.

Food for Lizards

Lizards almost exclusively eat insects which need to be given to them on a daily basis. Here, pet owners have two options. The first alternative includes buying insects from a pet store and giving it to their lizard, while the other option includes raising species like crickets and mealworms that will then be fed to the pet lizard. In any case, lizards should never be given insects from the outside environment because some might be naturally toxic and others might have been exposed to some form of pesticide.

General Care

When it comes to general care for lizards, this process does not consume too much time for their owners and is pretty basic. Here, the most important thing for any lizard is their health. Often, lizards might be prone to a range of disease and parasites, which can degrade their well-being and even threaten their lives. To avoid this, lizards should be taken to a veterinarian even at the slightest sign of any medical issue.

With these facts about keeping lizards as pets, anyone will be able to decide if this fascinating species is the right choice for them.





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Rabbits are quite unique in terms of behavior considering other pets like dogs and cats. Pet rabbits are like a bunch of energy who can make the atmosphere of your home lively. Here we will discuss some interesting facts about pet rabbits and their nature-
Rabbits Require Care
A rabbit can have a healthy, long life only when it gets proper care. Maintain your home in a way that the pet doesn’t get the chance to slip outside as it could be dangerous for it. If you are planning to make a safe cage for it, then consider to make it bigger as rabbit loves space. Keep that cage in the living room or drawing room. The target is to ensure that the pet rabbit stays close to you and your family. Rabbits don’t like loneliness. They love spending time with human beings. Loneliness can cause bad mood, less appetite and these issues can become a threat to its life.
Set Up the Special Place
The best thing about the rabbit is it learns to pee and poop in a particular place very easily. As an owner our job is to set up a specific box or something for that purpose. It is quite easy to teach the pet rabbits about the use of that place. It really reduces those headaches of cleaning your home every day.
Have Fun With Them
Pet rabbits are generally very playful animals. If you have children in your home, then they will really enjoy playing with those small guests. The only mistake you must not do is providing less attention to it. Rabbits require some fun elements in their daily routine. The best possible option is to play with them, but if you are not having the luxury time, then create some space or small architectures to let them enjoy. Rabbits feel down when they don’t have something to do and their health is very much connected to their mood.
Keep An Eye
Having a rabbit means one must provide cautious care. Rabbits are those animals who will not show any sign of illness at the first stage, but signs will be visible as the situation gets more terrible. Keep an eye if your rabbits are eating well and doing their pee and poop regularly. Even keep a watch if their mood is normal or not.
The Grooming Part
Experience says pet rabbits are very clean animal. Proper and regular grooming can really make your rabbit look very good. Rabbits usually shed twice in a year. At that period it is important to comb them to keep them clean. One can also take regular care by clipping their nails and spreading prescribed powders.
Rabbits are generally quiet animal and most of their reactions come through their body language. It is important that an owner starts to identify those body languages and their purpose. As rabbits are quite expressive through their body, it creates entertainment. They dance or jump in the air while feeling happy. They will dig in your shoe or feet when they will seek attention. Soon as an owner, you will find that they love being with you and your family and that’s the best part of having pet rabbits- they become a part of your family.







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at litter can make it hard for you to live with the cat. But, there are several tips you can apply to get rid of the bad odor. The odor can be embarrassing to your home especially if you will receive important guests and they end up noticing the bad smell. Your family members will not be comfortable with the smell. This has made it hard for some people to keep cats as their pets. There are some homes you can visit but you will never realize the smell.

Tricks for preventing cat litter smell in a small space

1. Scoop the box daily

The more the urine and feces from your cat will sit on the litter box, the more they will create bad odor in your home. In order to avoid the smell from spreading in your home, you should make an effort of scooping the litter box on a daily basis. You can make a habit of scooping the litter box each day when cleaning the house. If you are too busy in your daily routine, you can delegate the duty to whoever you have hired to do the cleaning work in your home.

2. Replace the litter twice a week

Even if you will scoop the litter regularly, the litter will still develop some smell. In order to remove all stinky traces which will make the litter develop bad odor, you should damp out the litter on a regular basis. Preferably you should wash the litter box using warm water and soap then replace the litter. When washing you should avoid ammonia based detergents because they can enhance the bad smell.

3. Try litter deodorizers

Liter deodorizer will help in reducing the smell from the litter box. You can use baking soda or any other deodorizers. You should be careful when using the deodorizers; most cats will avoid heavily scented litter boxes. You can just apply the deodorizers sparingly on the litter. The type of deodorizer which you will buy should be friendly to the cat as well as making you comfortable while in the home. In order to know the best type of deodorizer which your cat will prefer, you can have several litter boxes in your home and apply different deodorizers. The one your cat will go for should be the one which you will stick to the deodorizer. This is necessary because there are some types of deodorizers which the cat can avoid.

4. Keep the litter box in a well-ventilated area

Keeping the litter box in a well-ventilated room will avoid cases where bad odor will concentrate in the room. You can place it near widows so that fresh air will come in and help in removing the bad odor. The choice of the place where you will have the litter box should allow room for the cat to easily get in and out. This is necessary because placing it in a place where the cat will struggle to get in will make the cat dislike the litter which will make it hard to live happily with your cat.


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Giving your Dog a Bath


Giving your dog a bath is indeed a vital step to the welfare of your pet. But deciding when and how you bath your animal is usually difficult. The reason is because bathing your canine frequently depends on several factors. These may include the breed of your canine, amount of time the animal spends outdoors, age of the pet, as well as any existing medical conditions. But the fact is that when and how you bathe your animal will vary with time and lifestyle of your dog. Outlined in this article are sure signs that your dog needs a bath.

  1. The Dog is Smelling

Your dog might have rolled on something and smells. This is one of the reasons you might consider bathing your animal. Consider using a good and strong shampoo that will completely expel the smell. If you do not have the right shampoo or lack time to bath your pet, consider taking her to a professional dog grooming center.

  1. A Doggy Smell

This is usually caused by certain skin infections, such as yeast infection. Any dog that has a strong odor coming from the skin should be checked by a professional vet. For those with simple doggy smell, consider using a general shampoo in order to give them a thorough bathe.

  1. The Animal Has Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by dry, oily or irritated skin. But these conditions can be taken care of by using the recommended shampoo and thorough bathing. You may check with a good groomer or vet to determine the cause of the dandruffs in order to know the right shampoo to use.

  1. The Animal Has Allergies

Bathing a dog that has itchy skin caused by allergies can be soothing and helps reduce the itching. It is advisable to seek advice from a professional grooming service or veterinary officer to know the most appropriate shampoo to use.

  1. the Dog Has Mites, Fleas or Lice

Bathing is the best way to get rid of external parasites from your canine. You are advised to use pH-balanced shampoos in order to eliminate the problem of fleas and ticks on your animal. You should work with your vet or groomer in order to get the right diagnosis and treatment.


Once you determine the primary reason for giving your dog a bath, consider choosing the appropriate shampoo. Make sure you work hand in hand with your vet. Also, a professional dog groomer need to be involved.



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